‘Postcard from a Travel Snob’ – Poem Analysis

‘Postcard from a Travel Snob’ is a comical poem by Sophie Hannah which explores different ideas of what a ‘holiday’ actually is, adopting a satirical and humorous approach. Hannah is an English crime fiction author and poet who was born… Continue Reading →

My Father Would Not Show Us – Poem Analysis

‘My Father Would Not Show Us’ is a poem by Ingrid de Kok, which uses unexpected descriptions and juxtaposition to explore death, and the way it impacts on family – in particular, children. De Kok is an acclaimed South African poet,… Continue Reading →

English Literature Revision Tips 2019

What is the best way to revise for your English Literature exams? There’s no need to panic if you’re not sure how to approach this important task, as everyone will study in a way suited to them. We’ve put together… Continue Reading →

What is Pathetic Fallacy?

Pathetic Fallacy is a literary device in which nature is described as having human emotions, feelings or characteristics. It is a specific type of personification, but whereas personification covers all objects to which human emotions may be applied, pathetic fallacy relates specifically… Continue Reading →

What is Assonance?

Assonance is a literary device in which there is repetition of similar vowel sounds.  It is a specific type of alliteration.  Frequently used sounds include ‘e’ or ‘a’. Assonance also differs from consonance, which is the repetition of a consonant sound… Continue Reading →

What is Consonance?

Consonance is a literary device in which there is repetition of similar consonant sounds.  It is a specific type of alliteration.  Frequently used sounds include ‘ck’ ‘t’ or ‘p’. Consonance also differs from assonance, which is the repetition of a vowel… Continue Reading →

What is Dissonance?

Dissonance refers to the use of harsh sounds that are unpleasant and usually disruptive to the flow of speech and text. It is the opposite of euphony, in which pleasant or melodic sounds are used. Related Terminology Cacophony:  Harsh sounds that… Continue Reading →

What is a Connotation?

A connotation is the meaning that is suggested or implied by a specific word as a result of its typical associations. Connotations are normally described as being positive or negative, depending on whether the end result and interpretation is likely to… Continue Reading →

Love’s Dog – Poem Analysis

‘Love’s Dog’ is a poem by Jen Hadfield, which explores the idea of love in an interesting and unique way, considering what the most important aspects of love are and how loving someone includes accepting flaws and imperfections.  By avoiding… Continue Reading →

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