Interpreture Quizzes

Learn more in a flash – our new Interpreture quizzes and revision activities are now available on Quizlet and Kahoot! to support and improve your learning.

Flash cards are a great way of learning and familiarising yourself with key elements of literary terms, poetry and your examination specifications.  We have Quizlet study sets focussing on the Poems of the Decade and English Romantic Verse anthologies, as well as generic study sets looking at poetry genres and movements, different types of poetry and literary terms and devices.

General Interpreture Poetry Quizzes

Why not start off with some generic poetry revision – poetry types and genres – on Quizlet?

See if you know the difference between a Sonnet and an Ode!

What’s modernist poetry, and how many modernist poets do you know? Try  these:

Now you’ve got the basic knowledge sorted, try and link specific poets to their poetry movement or genre.

Literary Terms & Devices

Do you know a Heterograph from a Homophone?

GCSE Interpreture Quizzes

We’re broadening the range of poetry analysis this year with the introduction of Edexcel’s GCSE English Literature poetry specification.  Associated Quizlet study sets will be here soon.

A Level Interpreture Quizzes

The following Interpreture flash card sets are currently available on Quizlet:

Poems of the Decade Anthology

Use this study set to test your knowledge of the use of poetry and literary devices used in various poems from the Poems of the Decade anthology.

These straightforward study sets test your knowledge of who wrote which poem and whether you can identify a poem from well-known quotes.

And on Kahoot!:

English Romantic Verse Anthology

In the same style as the Poems of the Decade study sets, use these links to test your knowledge of the English Romantic Verse anthology – identify the poem from key quotes:

then, link the poet to the poem: