As with any school year, it’s important to work in the way that best suits you when completing homework or revision. Many students find that music can help them to concentrate, so as such we’ve been working on a range of Spotify Revision Playlists which feature a range of artists and genres to aid your studying. The Interpreture Spotify Profile currently has seven available playlists. Here’s a run down of what’s available and what we plan to launch soon.

The StudyList

These playlists feature the top hits from the world’s biggest and best artists. We split them into three categories; firstly Today’s Hits which have current hot songs from the UK and around the world, in a list which is updated regularly. Top Hits Archive, as the name suggests, acts as an archive for the main playlist for songs which have previously featured in it. Finally, we have the Deep Cuts playlist which looks far into the discographies of artists in The StudyList to find some of their best material which may not be as well known.

Spotify Revision Playlists

Study & Chill

Split into The Hits and The Indie, these collections of tracks offer a chilled out but still up-tempo vibe as an alternative to The StudyList. These playlists are updated regularly as new tracks get released or older tracks are found.

More Spotify Revision Playlists

  • Electronic Mixes: A range of the top hits in the electronic and dance genres, with more collections coming soon, when you need that extra push to get work done.
  • Acoustic Collections: Beautiful acoustic tracks for thoughtful and peaceful studying, featuring either original songs or covers, with more collections coming soon.
  • Revision Motivation: Get the dose of encouragement you need to get studying with this playlist of up tempo and motivational songs.

Spotify Revision Playlists

We hope you enjoy this range of playlists – make sure to follow the Interpreture Spotify profile and each playlist to be able to access them again quickly and easily. Also be sure to let us know your favourite tracks and suggestions you have for future playlists.

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