Poems of the Decade Exams 2018 Preparation

Now that the Easter half term has passed, it’s officially time to start knuckling down and focusing on revision for AS and A Level exams. This post details our Poems of the Decade exams 2018 preparation tips, with revision suggestions, available revision resources that you may find helpful, and ideas for how you can go about your revision.

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Poems of the Decade Exams 2018 Revision

This year marks the first set of A Level examinations in which there are a reduced range of poems that you could be examined on, now only at 20 rather than the previous 27.

The AS exam also has this range of poems which could be examined, although the questions are slightly different. For the AS exam, you will be asked to compare one named poem from the above list with another of your choice from the same selection. In contrast, the A Level exam asks you to compare one poem from the above list with an unseen poem. Both exams will offer two questions to pick from.

If you are not sure on the nature of your exam question, now is the time to find out and prepare. Talk to your teacher for clarification on what you will be examined on.

English Exam Timetable

The following table shows a list of all Edexcel English Literature AS and A Level exams. It is important to remember to revise all of your English Literature content, not just one specific topic, as you’ll need all of your knowledge from the course in the exam.

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Paper codeUnit titleDurationDateam/pm
8ET0/01Component 1: Poetry and Drama2hr18/05/2018am
8ET0/02Component 2: Prose1hr23/05/2018pm
9ET0/01Component 1: Drama2hr 15m07/06/2018pm
9ET0/02Component 2: Prose1hr12/06/2018pm
9ET0/03Component 3: Poetry2hr 15m15/06/2018am

The key dates for Poems of the Decade Exams 2018 are as follows:

  • AS Level: 18th May 2018 – Poems of the Decade (and Drama)
  • A Level: 15th June 2018 – Poems of the Decade (and other poetry)

New for this year, Interpreture has a range of example questions which you can use to help practice your exam skills and essay writing. Often it can be challenging simply coming up with potential questions to try and plan, particularly when it is natural to aim for the easiest options, so we hope that these will help you to prepare.

Poems of the Decade Revision Guides

In addition to Poems of the Decade Revision from Interpreture, there are a range of revision guides available online. Some students find it easier to study from physical text books rather than the internet, and these books contain additional points of view. Simply reading and appreciating other perspectives can help you to gain insight into your own analysis and think of new ideas, which is particularly useful for the A Level exam.

Here’s a range of available revision guides on Amazon. Unfortunately we’ve not had opportunity to review these texts so are unable to make any specific recommendations, but there are various reviews from other students:

If you decide to get any of these revision guides, be sure to leave a comment to let other students know what you think of them incase they’re considering purchasing too.

Poems of the Decade Exams 2018 Preparation

Preparation Top Tips

  • Don’t panic. There’s still time to study, revise, and gain a better understanding of the poems.
  • There’s a huge range of poems to pick from, so the chances of the one you dislike the most being a question are slim. In addition, you’ll be able to pick from two questions in the exam. As such, don’t spend too much time on just one poem
  • Ask your teachers for advice, and make sure you listen. They’ll have experienced these exams before and will be able to offer suggestions suited to you and how you work. 

We hope that you continue to find Interpreture analysis helpful and informative, and we’re really proud that thousands of students are using our revision tips to help them with their exams. You can keep up with all our new content and tips through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages (or even our revision playlists on Spotify). You can also bookmark the website, or tap the share button on your mobile browser in order to add a bookmark to your home screen.

Our current plan for the 2018 exam season is to add additional example questions periodically in the run up to both Poems of the Decade exams. For those of you studying The Romantics, we’ll be posting as much analysis as possible for the prescribed poems up until the exam on 15th June. In addition, we hope to be regularly updating our Instagram page with revision tips, study strategy and more throughout this exam season.

Good luck with all your 2018 exams!


Have you got any suggestions or feedback for Interpreture? Leave a comment, or get in touch via our feedback form – we improve based on your suggestions and requests. If you’re a teacher using Interpreture, we’d particularly love to hear from you about what content you find most useful and what you’d like to see more of.

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