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You, Shiva and My Mum – Poem Analysis

‘You, Shiva and My Mum’ by Ruth Padel is a poem which is inspired by Padel’s personal experience visiting India with her mother for her brother’s wedding, in which they were immersed in traditional wedding rituals.  Padel was born in… Continue Learning »

Genetics – Poem Analysis

‘Genetics’ is a poem by Sinéad Morrissey which looks at the idea of how even with the breakdown of a marriage or relationship, children act as a permanent union, and an ever-lasting reminder of what once was. Morrissey is a poet from Northern… Continue Learning »

A Minor Role – Poem Analysis

‘A Minor Role’ by UA Fanthorpe explores the concept of an individual’s place in society, and the way that illness can impact it. Fanthorpe was born in London in 1929 and died in 2009, having become very well known for her work… Continue Learning »

From the Journal of a Disappointed Man – Poem Analysis

‘From the Journal of a Disappointed Man’ is a poem by Andrew Motion which considers the role of men within society, and interactions between men based on their different livelihoods and perspectives. Motion is an English poet, who was previously the… Continue Learning »

Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn – Poem Analysis

‘Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn’ by Tim Turnbull considers modern society through an allusion to, and modern interpretation of, a classic Romantic poem by John Keats. Turnbull is an English ‘performance poet’ meaning that his poetry is designed to be… Continue Learning »

Out of the Bag – Poem Analysis

‘Out of the Bag’ by Seamus Heaney is a complex poem which explores the idea of revealing a secret, in this case how children are born, through transitions in time and perspective as the narrator grows up. The different sections… Continue Learning »

The War Correspondent – Poem Analysis

‘The War Correspondent’ is a series of poems by Ciaran Carson which is based on the Crimean War, split into seven individual poems; two of which, Gallipoli and Balaklava, are included within the Poems of the Decade anthology. Carson was born in Belfast… Continue Learning »

On Her Blindness – Poem Analysis

‘On Her Blindness’ by Adam Thorpe is a poem which is very personal in tone and addresses the challenges of being blind how health and wellbeing typically worsen as an individual ages and grows old. Thorpe was born in 1956… Continue Learning »

Please Hold – Poem Analysis

‘Please Hold’ is a satirical poem by Ciaran O’Driscoll, taking a critical view of modern life through the form of a conversation with an automated telephone system. O’Driscoll is an Irish poet, whose work includes eight books of poetry, and has… Continue Learning »

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