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A Leisure Centre is Also a Temple of Learning – Poem Analysis

‘A Leisure Centre is Also a Temple of Learning’ by Sue Boyle considers the ageing process through descriptions of a young woman, and a group of older and more experienced women, all at a leisure centre. Boyle lives in Bath… Continue Reading →

The Deliverer – Poem Analysis

‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi is an emotional poem which incorporates ideas and issues surrounding adoption and the gender of babies, particularly in the Indian state of Kerala.  Doshi was born in India in 1975 into a family with a… Continue Reading →

Giuseppe – Poem Analysis

‘Giuseppe’ is a poem by Roderick Ford which explores the power of language and the ability it has to shape meaning and interpretation, particularly with the confessional tone of this poem and its ability to imply dark ideas. Ford was born in… Continue Reading →

The Lammas Hireling – Poem Analysis

‘The Lammas Hireling’ by Ian Duhig is a poem which looks at many different ideas and feelings, represented through a wide variety of techniques. Born in 1954 in Ireland, Duhig grew up in England and has won the national poetry competition twice…. Continue Reading →

Eat Me – Poem Analysis

‘Eat Me’ is a poem by Patience Agbabi which looks at the idea of a ‘feeder’ role within a relationship, using an unusual structure of tercet stanzas and a notable semantic field.  Agbabi is a performance poet with Nigerian ancestry,… Continue Reading →