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The Deliverer – Poem Analysis

‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi is an emotional poem which incorporates ideas and issues surrounding adoption and the gender of babies, particularly in the Indian state of Kerala.  Doshi was born in India in 1975 into a family with a… Continue Reading →

Fantasia on a Theme of James Wright – Poem Analysis

‘Fantasia on a Theme of James Wright ‘ by Sean O’Brien is a personal poem which looks at the idea of coal mining in the Newcastle area of North England, contemplating the impact on the earth and communities of this traditional profession. O’Brien… Continue Reading →

An Easy Passage – Poem Analysis

‘An Easy Passage’ by Julia Copus is a poem which centres around the journey of a young girl sneaking into her house, presented in a surreal format which helps to create a distinctive narrative voice and raise ideas regarding childhood… Continue Reading →

Look We Have Coming to Dover! – Poem Analysis

‘Look We Have Coming to Dover!’ is a poem by Daljit Nagra which considers immigration to the United Kingdom and the development of cultures as they mix and merge in different countries. Born in London in 1966, Nagra often examines the… Continue Reading →

History – Poem Analysis

‘History’ by John Burnside is a striking poem which considers the significance of historical events, particularly the World Trade Center attacks in September 2001. Burnside is a Scottish poet, born in 1955 in Fife. His motivation for writing is the… Continue Reading →

The Furthest Distances I’ve Travelled – Poem Analysis

‘The Furthest Distances I’ve Travelled’ by Leonita Flynn is a personal poem which is written about her own travels and dreams while she was a student, and how these experiences have impacted on her life. Flynn is a popular Irish poet… Continue Reading →

The Map-Woman – Poem Analysis

‘The Map-Woman’ is a poem by Carol Ann Duffy which deals with ideas of personal growth and transition, using ideas of maps and travelling to represent these ideas metaphorically.  Duffy is the UK’s first female poet laureate, an individual who is… Continue Reading →

The Fox In The National Museum of Wales – Poem Analysis

‘The Fox In The National Museum of Wales’ is a poem by Robert Minhinnick, which explores the idea of past and present, through which a reader is taken to today’s globalised world using the symbolism of a fox to represent… Continue Reading →

The Lammas Hireling – Poem Analysis

‘The Lammas Hireling’ by Ian Duhig is a poem which looks at many different ideas and feelings, represented through a wide variety of techniques. Born in 1954 in Ireland, Duhig grew up in England and has won the national poetry competition twice…. Continue Reading →

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