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Somewhat Unravelled – Poem Analysis

‘Somewhat Unravelled’ by Jo Shapcott is a poem which explores growing old and the deterioration of the mind as a result of dementia, and the corresponding impact this has both on an individual and those around them. Shapcott is an… Continue Reading →

Song – Poem Analysis

‘Song’ by George Szirtes is a poem dedicated to Helen Suzman, a famous anti-apartheid campaigner from South Africa. Szirtes is well known for both his poetry and his work translating Hungarian prose into English. He was born in Hungary in… Continue Reading →

A Minor Role – Poem Analysis

‘A Minor Role’ by UA Fanthorpe explores the concept of an individual’s place in society, and the way that illness can impact it. Fanthorpe was born in London in 1929 and died in 2009, having become very well known for her work… Continue Reading →

Please Hold – Poem Analysis

‘Please Hold’ is a satirical poem by Ciaran O’Driscoll, taking a critical view of modern life through the form of a conversation with an automated telephone system. O’Driscoll is an Irish poet, whose work includes eight books of poetry, and has… Continue Reading →

The Gun – Poem Analysis

‘The Gun’ is a poem by Vicki Feaver which explores the concept of power through the use of destructive hunting imagery. Feaver is a highly acclaimed poet who frequently uses objects from everyday life in her poems to present key ideas… Continue Reading →

Giuseppe – Poem Analysis

‘Giuseppe’ is a poem by Roderick Ford which explores the power of language and the ability it has to shape meaning and interpretation, particularly with the confessional tone of this poem and its ability to imply dark ideas. Ford was born in… Continue Reading →

Chainsaw Versus the Pampas Grass – Poem Analysis

‘Chainsaw Versus the Pampas Grass’ is a poem by Simon Armitage which considers the relationship between man made, physical objects, with nature and the natural world, specifically using the symbolism of a chainsaw to show man’s interaction. Armitage is Yorkshire-born… Continue Reading →

Eat Me – Poem Analysis

‘Eat Me’ is a poem by Patience Agbabi which looks at the idea of a ‘feeder’ role within a relationship, using an unusual structure of tercet stanzas and a notable semantic field.  Agbabi is a performance poet with Nigerian ancestry,… Continue Reading →