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Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn – Poem Analysis

‘Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn’ by Tim Turnbull considers modern society through an allusion to, and modern interpretation of, a classic Romantic poem by John Keats. Turnbull is an English ‘performance poet’ meaning that his poetry is designed to be… Continue Reading →

Out of the Bag – Poem Analysis

‘Out of the Bag’ by Seamus Heaney is a complex poem which explores the idea of revealing a secret, in this case how children are born, through transitions in time and perspective as the narrator grows up. The different sections of… Continue Reading →

The War Correspondent – Poem Analysis

‘The War Correspondent’ is a series of poems by Ciaran Carson which is based on the Crimean War, split into seven individual poems; two of which, Gallipoli and Balaklava, are included within the Poems of the Decade anthology. Carson was born in Belfast… Continue Reading →

Fantasia on a Theme of James Wright – Poem Analysis

‘Fantasia on a Theme of James Wright ‘ by Sean O’Brien is a personal poem which looks at the idea of coal mining in the Newcastle area of North England, contemplating the impact on the earth and communities of this traditional profession. O’Brien… Continue Reading →

The Furthest Distances I’ve Travelled – Poem Analysis

‘The Furthest Distances I’ve Travelled’ by Leonita Flynn is a personal poem which is written about her own travels and dreams while she was a student, and how these experiences have impacted on her life. Flynn is a popular Irish poet… Continue Reading →

The Map-Woman – Poem Analysis

‘The Map-Woman’ is a poem by Carol Ann Duffy which deals with ideas of personal growth and transition, using ideas of maps and travelling to represent these ideas metaphorically.  Duffy is the UK’s first female poet laureate, an individual who is… Continue Reading →

To My Nine-Year-Old Self – Poem Analysis

‘To My Nine-Year-Old Self’ by Helen Dunmore explores the idea of childhood, considering the regrets and nostalgia that an adult may have when looking back at their past experiences. Dunmore is a poet and novelist, with her skills and experience in both… Continue Reading →

The Fox In The National Museum of Wales – Poem Analysis

‘The Fox In The National Museum of Wales’ is a poem by Robert Minhinnick, which explores the idea of past and present, through which a reader is taken to today’s globalised world using the symbolism of a fox to represent… Continue Reading →

Material – Poem Analysis

‘Material’ is a poem by Ros Barber which considers the transition between childhood and adulthood, and the narrator’s nostalgia for a less consumer-driven world through the description of a traditional handkerchief.   Barber was born in America but raised in England, and… Continue Reading →