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From the Journal of a Disappointed Man – Poem Analysis

‘From the Journal of a Disappointed Man’ is a poem by Andrew Motion which considers the role of men within society, and interactions between men based on their different livelihoods and perspectives.  Motion is an English poet, who was previously the… Continue Reading →

Inheritance – Poem Analysis

‘Inheritance’ by Irish poet Eavan Boland explores ideas surrounding inheritance and what is passed on to new generations, whether this be physical items or skills and knowledge. Boland was born in Dublin in 1944, and has found focus in writing having… Continue Reading →

The Deliverer – Poem Analysis

‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi is an emotional poem which incorporates ideas and issues surrounding adoption and the gender of babies, particularly in the Indian state of Kerala.  Doshi was born in India in 1975 into a family with a… Continue Reading →

The Gun – Poem Analysis

‘The Gun’ is a poem by Vicki Feaver which explores the concept of power through the use of destructive hunting imagery. Feaver is a highly acclaimed poet who frequently uses objects from everyday life in her poems to present key ideas… Continue Reading →

Eat Me – Poem Analysis

‘Eat Me’ is a poem by Patience Agbabi which looks at the idea of a ‘feeder’ role within a relationship, using an unusual structure of tercet stanzas and a notable semantic field.  Agbabi is a performance poet with Nigerian ancestry,… Continue Reading →