Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Our ultimate goal is to provide Interpreture as a free digital resource to enable any student to access our content. This is currently achieved through the use of display advertising provided by Google, but unfortunately this requires many adverts on each page to simply meet our costs. While we have taken steps to limit ad tracking to maintain privacy, we still feel this is an inadequate solution. In an ideal scenario, we would like to partner with a handful of high quality partners to provide relevant and useful suggested links and adverts which benefit and provide value to users of this website.

Sponsorship Opportunities

With thousands of users per month within highly targeted demographics, Interpreture provides a superb opportunity for universities, businesses and brands interested in sponsorship and advertising opportunities. We offer a range of options of all different sizes and scales, along with the potential for bespoke solutions resulting from individual negotiations. Typical options include:

  • Reviews of products eg. revision guides, poetry collections
  • ‘Sponsored’ front-page posts
  • ‘Sponsored’ pages
  • ‘Supported by’ front-page posts
  • ‘Supported by’ pages
  • Banner Adverts in the Sidebar or Footer
  • Promotion on social media

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please contact us at the following address contact@interpreture.com giving a brief overview of what your product/service is.

Interpreture maintains the right to accept or reject any sponsorship or advertising enquiry, request further details or set content requirements before approval.

Suggested Sponsorship Categories

Interpreture provides content specifically targeted to two distinct groups of users: people of all genders aged between 16-18 and in full time education, and teachers of secondary school age pupils, both with specific interest in English and English Literature. As such, we recommend some of the following categories:

  • Education, studying and revision
  • Education software and subscriptions
  • University, employment and careers
  • Books, literature and poetry
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Media, entertainment and music
  • Travel, leisure and lifestyle
  • Shopping and technology
  • Sports, fitness and health
Prohibited Sponsorship Categories

Interpreture ensures constantly high quality for all content, and this extends to strict standards regarding the types of advertising that users may receive while visiting the website. This is both for the safety, security and wellbeing of users, and so as to ensure continuing credibility to our users. The following is a non-exhaustive list of sponsorship categories which we will deny:

  • Essay writing services, or any other tool or product which encourages students to not produce their own work
  • Products which facilitate or encourage plagiarism, cheating or unfair assessment/exam practices
  • Gambling and betting, casino games etc.
  • Content which is age restricted (18+)
  • Weight loss, cosmetic procedures and body modification
  • Religious, highly political or inappropriate ideological content
  • Violence, harm, or the breaking of any laws
Report Sponsorship or Advertising Issues

If you have seen any third party sponsorship or advertising on Interpreture.com or on our social media that you feel is in breach of our category rules, or is inappropriate for another reason, please do not hesitate to report it to us. It is also helpful if you are able to include a screenshot and description in your report. You can message our accounts directly on social media, or send us an email: contact@interpreture.com

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