About Interpreture’s Funding

Hi, my name’s Alex.

When I began studying A Level English Literature, I quickly realised that the new courses meant there was very little online help available. So in early 2017, as a way to help revise and assist others looking for help, I created Interpreture.

Since then I’ve been blown away by the amount of people visiting my website. Within a few weeks there were tens, then hundreds of visitors, and before long I was upgrading our hosting to cope with the thousands visiting in the run up to exams.

It costs a considerable amount of money to keep Interpreture online, and that’s not even considering my time spent maintaining and developing the website.

To try and meet these funding challenges while still providing as much high quality and free content as possible, Interpreture uses a combination of display adverts and affiliate links.

I really don’t like using display adverts, so I’m also investigating new funding methods. This includes our new Patreon page, where you can donate monthly for as long as you like to help keep Interpreture online for all.

Please click here to help Interpreture on Patreon.