Interpreture enables comments on our posts and pages to help facilitate discussion and the raising of questions. We recognise that many users of our website are under 18, and as such provide this guidance regarding e-safety for the protection of personal information when interacting with others on the internet, and our comment moderation policy to ensure your continued privacy and safety.

E-Safety Suggestions

We do not require any personal information for you to submit a comment (with the exception of a temporarily stored IP address, used only for internal use to prevent spam). We provide a field to enter your comment, question or thought, along with optional boxes to enter a screen name and link.

You should not share any personally identifiable information in your comment, such as the school you go to, your name, address, email address, or other contact details.

We recommend you use a screen name in the name field which cannot be used to identify you. Alternatively you could use your first name, but we do not recommend using your full name. If you leave this field blank, your comment will be published under the name ‘Anonymous’.

The link field is optional and useful if you wish to link to another website via your name, for example a Wikipedia page. You can also paste links into your comment, although these are subject to moderation.

Comment Moderation Policy

Interpreture reserves the right to reject or approve any comment submitted to the website. Common reasons for rejection include comments which contain:

  • Unsuitable or offensive language (with no relation to the content being discussed)
  • Advertising links
  • Spam
  • Abusive behaviour

In addition, if your comment contains information which is deemed to be personally identifiable and could pose a danger to you if published, it will be deleted.

Interpreture may edit comments in some situations. For example, if a comment asks a relevant question but also includes a contact email address, the email would be removed and the comment still published. In this or similar scenarios, an administrator will make a note in the comment that it was edited.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information about commenting, details on how to contact us, and your privacy rights.

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